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Chapter 266 Welcomes All to Our Site
more importantly we
"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
then press "1" for the Veterans Hotline

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Associates Of 
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Liberty Bell Chapter 266

Sue Justice, AVVA Liaison -

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is a national, nonprofit membership and service organization dedicated to advancing the full range of issues affecting Vietnam veterans, their families, and their communities. Our more than 6,000 members are families, friends, and supporters of Vietnam veterans, as well as Vietnam veterans and veterans of other eras. AVVA is affiliated with Vietnam Veterans of America, the nation's leading Vietnam veterans organization. Together, we work to ensure that Vietnam veterans get the honor, respect, and benefits they deserve. AVVA brings an additional focus on those who stayed behind when our men and women in uniform answered the call to service. This is the extended family that makes up the Vietnam experience—the parents, spouses, children, friends, and communities of veterans.

AVVA is the place for this extended family to join together for action, healing, reconciliation, mutual support, and fellowship. AVVA members can affiliate with any of VVA's 600 chapters, joining in outreach and assistance to veterans, legislative action, community service, and social activities.

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America began as a group of members within Vietnam Veterans of America. As the scope of activities and the number of people involved grew, this membership group formed the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America in 1999 as an independent membership and service organization.
Mission Statement
To advance the work of Vietnam Veterans of America through cooperative projects and programs to facilitate, enhance and improve communication with our members and the general public and to continue legislative efforts to ensure the rights and benefits for all veterans and their families.
Vision Statement
Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is dedicated to the aggressive advancement of realistic goals with integrity and in the spirit of unity that reflects our commitment to Vietnam Veterans of America, all veterans, their families and others.

AVVA Service Officer Program  

Nancy S. Switzer, Interim Director,

AVVA Service Officer Program

            As you are aware, on July 11, 2009, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) accepted Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, (AVVA), as a service officer   organization.  We are very proud of this, especially after all the many long hours that were put in to this accomplishment.  The first step will be to train our core individuals who will manage the program.  We are hoping that our first training session will be in May 2010.  At this time, we are dependent on the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) to do our training, until we can hire a Director of our own. 

If you are interested in this training, please click here for more information



The AVVA would love to sponsor some more activities, including fundraisers, get-togethers, etc. but we need your ideas and your help in doing any of them.  As with the VVA, all of the work falls on a certain few, and it would be great to meet new faces and work on a common goal of making the Chapter even better.

The 266 AVVA chapter is collecting manufacturer coupons (the ones out of the Sunday newspapers) and cutting, sorting and bagging them in Ziploc bags.  We will be sending them to Incirlik AFB, Turkey. It seems that there is a dire need for coupons at the military bases.  Please bring them to the meetings with you or mail them to our chapter address.  They can be expired, for up to 6 months past their expiration date. They MUST be manufacturer coupons (not a store coupon) with the date on them.  This will be an ongoing project. The more coupons we receive, the better our soldier’s families can shop. Thank you in advance.

Cell Phones for Soldiers
The AVVA is collecting old cell phones - broken, any condition, etc. - Please just drop them off at one of our upcoming meetings.  We will not be taking any accessories such as batteries, cords, earpieces, etc. - just the phones.  The phones will be sent to ReCellular.  ReCellular pays "Cell Phones for Soldiers" for each donated phone, which is enough to provide an hour of talk time to soldiers abroad. 
Click the link below to get more information about the program.

Project Friendship
This is an on-going collection of articles that is sponsored by AVVA State.  As AVVA is planning ahead and working on the upcoming Stand Down, please bring any articles to the Chapter meetings, football gatherings, or Monday night GI clean ups.
For more information on Project Friendship - please click on this link:

AVVA Tote Bags       
With more and more shopping venues charging for grocery bags, now is the time to purchase the great AVVA tote bags.  The cloth bags are great for every occasion, and for $15 you can be helping sponsor some of the great activities that the AVVA members do.  Please contact Sue Justice,  or Arline Mabe, for details.

Sew Much Comfort
Sue Justice, the AVVA Liaison continues to modify clothing that can be used by our wounded soldiers who may need alterations to help make their life, their mobility a little easier.  At this time, sixteen specially modified clothing pieces have been sent to needy wounded soldiers.  Contact Sue, if you can help with this very necessary activity.
For more information on Sew Much Comfort - please click on this link:

Special Announcement

The Department of Defense announced October 1 that families of deployed members of the National Guard and Reserve, active duty service members on independent duty and their families, and active duty service members and their families assigned to selected bases would be eligible for free family memberships at participating YMCAs in their local community.
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In January 1998, the BETTER CHANCE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM was established.  This was one of the ways that the associates could help better the lives of the veterans and their families not only today but for years to come.  The program targets the average student who would not be eligible for an academic scholarship, could not afford the escalating costs of an education, but did want to attend college.
We may give one $1000, one $750, and one $500 scholarship to students who are in financial need of money to attend the college or university of their choice. 


To be eligible to apply, you must be a VVA or AVVA member; the spouse, child, or grandchild of a VVA or AVVA member; of the spouse, child, or grandchild of a KIA or MIA Vietnam Veteran.

You must be registered in an accredited college, university, or post-secondary training institute.

You must be able to prove financial need through the official print out from the Federal Student Aid Application form.

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